A New Afghanistan National Army Compound Opened In Ghor Province

2012/07/08 • Comments
Story by OF-1 Jurgis Norvaisa
Public Information Officer Lithuanian Army
Regional Command-West Public Affairs




PRT CCR commander Col Arturas Radvilas and ANP chief in Ghor province are cutting the tape during a new ANA compound opening ceremony.

PRT CCR commander Col Arturas Radvilas and ANP chief in Ghor province are cutting the tape during a new ANA compound opening ceremony.

Ghor, Afghanistan — On Saturday, a public ceremony was held in the city of Chaghcharan, Ghor province, to open a new compound for an Afghan National Army (ANA) Company, June 30.

“I am glad that at the time when the process of transfer of responsibility from the PRT to the local institutions started, we are participating in the opening ceremony of the new ANA compound in Ghor province. ISAF makes every effort to ensure that local authorities responsible for the security, such as the ANA, the Afghan National Police and others would have the appropriate conditions for service” stressed the commander of the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Chaghcharan, Col. Artūras Radvilas.

The first ANA Company inAfghanistan’s Ghor province deployed in January 2011. Since then, the number of ANA soldiers in the province increased by almost three-fold. The current forces – about 220 troops – consist of the maneuver units, the support element and the explosive ordnance disposal team. The main objective of the ANA troops is to ensure a stable security situation in the province working along with the ANP units.

Lithuanian Military Advisory Team (MAT-1) advises and supports the Afghan combat forces as these take a more prominent role fighting against insurgents. MAT-1 consists of military training instructors of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Back home they work in different military fields. ANA and MAT-1 soldiers are conducting joint exercises in accordance with approved training program.

On Jan. 4, the town of Chaghcharan and the surrounding area were approved to join the transfer of responsibility process in Chaghcharan. Responsibility of local security forces for the security in their country is gradually increased since then. The key role of the Lithuanian-led Chaghcharan PRT is training of the Afghan National Security Forces with a focus on advisement. Administration capabilities of local authorities are continually being supported as well as the development cooperation projects continued. On May 13the third phase of the transfer of responsibility process was launched in Afghanistan. It covers three districts of Ghor – Lal Wa Sarjangal, Chahar Sadah and Dawlat Yar.

Currently PRT-15 is formed by the Lithuanian Grand Duchess Birutė Motorised Infantry Battalion of the Lithuanian Army, which ensures security in Ghor province. The Unit is led by Col. Artūras Radvilas, commander of the battalion. It is the second deployment of the battalion’s personnel to the NATO mission in Afghanistan.

Lithuanian civilian and military personnel in Ghor execute the peacekeeping mission along with other colleagues from Georgia, Japan, USA, Poland, Finland, the Check Republic and Ukraine.

NTM-A is a coalition of 38 troop-contributing nations charged with assisting the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in generating a capable and sustainable Afghan National Security Force ready to take lead of their country’s security by 2014. For more information about NTM-A, visit www.ntm-a.com.

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