Building the Afghanistan National Army Officers Academy – an investment for ANA leadership

2012/10/13 • Comments

By MC3 (SW) Sean Weir
NATO Training Mission – Afghanistan, Public Affairs

A ground breaking ceremony was held to commemorate the establishment of the Afghanistan National Army Officers Academy (ANAOA), Wednesday Oct 10.

The ANAOA is an enduring training institution that will prepare new officers for leadership roles within the Afghanistan National Army (ANA).

Gen Karimi and Lt Gen Bradshaw break ground during the ANA Officer Academy ground breaking ceremony.

Gen. Sher Mohammad Karimi, Chief of General Staff for the ANA, and Lt. Gen. Adrian J. Bradshaw, Deputy Commander ISAF, dig the first holes ground breaking ceremony for the Afghanistan National Army Officers Academy, 11 Oct. Photo by MC3 (SW) Sean Weir, NTM-A Public Affairs.

Lt. Gen Adrian J. Bradshaw, Deputy Commander ISAF, said, “the training will develop the next generation of military leaders in a brand new Afghan National Army Officers Academy. This is yet another example of how together ISAF and the afghan national security forces are sustaining the progress we have made together in building a capable and professional force.”

The ANAOA is currently under construction and is scheduled to be open in the fall of 2013.

“The academy will endure past 2014. This is a clear demonstration of our commitment to stand by Afghanistan and help it grow stronger. All our nations are contributing personnel to the development and functioning of the academy,” said Bradshaw.

The ANAOA demonstrates the international community’s enduring commitment to the ANA as Afghan and coalition forces continue working together for a secure and peaceful Afghanistan.

“It’s important to identify that from the moment this academy opens its doors to train officers it will be commanded, led and staffed by the Afghan National Army,” Bradshaw added. “The role of the coalition forces will be as mentors and advisors to those staff instructors, to assist where required. Beyond the period of mentoring the academy will be run by and for Afghans. The project therefore is entirely in keeping with the many other initiatives which highlight the determination by the ISAF nations to move forward to a new prosperous time for the afghan nation through the strengthening of the afghan national security force.”

The Officer Academy is based on the UK Forces Sandhurst model, and has the capacity to train 1500 officer candidates.

General Sher Mohammad  Karimi, Chief of General Staff for the ANA said, “this is a great occasion for me to witness one of the biggest steps in the expansion and development of the ANA and a great future for young officers who will be trained here as leaders of the future army.”

NTM-A is a coalition of 38 troop contributing nations assisting the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in generating a capable and sustainable Afghan National Security Force ready to take lead of their country’s security by 2014. For more information about NTM-A, visit

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