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Story by Afghan Master Journalist, Colonel Mohammad Asif Tanib
Afghan National Army

Besmillah Mohammadi, the defense minister of the Great Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, held separate meetings in his office with the defense ministers of both Canada and Germany.
Mohammadi talked to Mr. Peter MacKay, the Canadian minister of national defense, and Mr. Thomas De Maiziere, the German minister of defense, in individual meetings about the friendliness of their countries.
On these meetings the Afghan defense minister talked to MacKay and De Maiziere about the delegation and development of the Afghan National Army Forces, the present condition of Afghanistan, the continuity of the destruction of the terrorist groups in Afghanistan, and the responsibility the Afghan National Security Forces are taking in regards of the quality of the transition prior to 2014.  

Peter McKay, the Canadian minister of national defense, signs a document after meeting with Gen. Besmillah Mohammadi, defense minister of the Great Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (right) as he and Maj.Gen. Mohammad Zaher Azimi, head of the ministry of defense public affairs, look on. (Photo by Afghan Master Journalist, Colonel Mohammad Asif Tanib, ANA)

Mohammadi touched on several types of subjects, such as the training the Afghan National Security Forces will have to continue to provide and to carry on until 2014, as well as their efforts to support their responsibilities on those matters.
The Afghan defense minister strongly spoke about the problems that might rise after 2014, and how important it is to keep the country secure after the mission is complete.
“For the past 10 years the Afghan National Security Forces have helped and supported the re-building of our country by providing equipment, education and training, and for that I am grateful and I really appreciate all of your support and sacrifices,” said Mohammadi.
He also added how necessary it was for the countries of Canada and Germany to continue their already provided support.
As the meeting went forward, both countries congratulated Mohammadi for being selected as Afghan National Minister of Defense.
Both MacKay and De Maiziere balanced the conversation by adding how important it is for not only their countries but also the rest of the world to know that the international coalition forces will continue to help stabilize the security, peace, and strength of Afghanistan and close neighboring countries.
The two visiting ministers also added how their support will continue after 2014 and promised to continue their support in maintaining the peace and the security of Afghanistan.
Both Canada and Germany have been and will continue to be two of the many great contributors of the great development of the civilian population and the Afghan forces in the many different regions of Afghanistan.

(Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the Nov. 20, 2012 issue of “Defense,” the Afghan Ministry of Defense weekly newspaper).

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