ANSF graduate from Frequency Management Class

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KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan National Security Force service members wait to be presented their certificates for graduating the frequency management class at the Afghan Communications Support Unit, June 2. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communications Specialist 3rd Class Jared E. Walker)

By Navy Petty Officer Third Class Jared E. Walker NT

M-A Public Affairs

KABUL – Thirteen Afghan National Security Force service members, graduated from the Frequency Management class at the Communications Support Unit, located in Kabul, Afghanistan, June 2.

Presiding over the graduation was Afghan National Army Brig. Gen. Said Qasim the Communications Support Unit Commander, Col. William E. Gerhard, Director of Communications at Camp Eggers and Dr. Massimiliano Del Nista, NATO Communications and Information Systems School Instructor from NATO Latina School.

The material taught in the classroom was about spectrum analysis, which is an advanced class for the Afghans.  Spectrum analysis is the field that teaches how to check frequency traffic and how to select the best frequency when using high frequency and very high frequency equipment.

“We have been setting this up for the last couple of years. The training was set up to help the Afghans better manage the frequency and build up the structure, which will help them in the future,” said Nista. “This course is the first step and will be of great help of them to understand the process of how the technical process works and then apply the rules. “

Gerhard congratulated the students on their hard work that they had put in to learn this trade.


KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan National Army Brigadier General Said Qasim presents Col. Nazar Mohammad Safi of the ANA his certificate showing he completed the frequency management class at the Afghan Communications Support Unit, June 2. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communications Specialist 3rd Class Jared E. Walker)

“What you have learned is critical to communications,” he said “It is like breathing and air, you can’t communicate without the radio spectrum. It is a natural resource that you must manage carefully and now that you are doing that it only strengthens the ANA and ANP.”

“The effort that everyone has put into this, the students and the instructors, sets a good example for the future. I look forward to coming to more graduations very soon,” said Gerhard.

Qasim stated his pride in the graduating class, “I am happy that my personnel are learning this trade. I am hopeful that holding such courses will be helpful to the ANA and ANP so it will make them independent and play an important role in the turnover in 2014.”

One of the graduating students ANA Col. Nazar Mohammad Safi of the ANA thanked Dr. Nista for his work. He also thanked NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan and the International Security Assistance Force for the use of their facilities so the members of the ANA and ANP could go to these courses.

“During our two weeks of training we learned a lot,” said Safi. “During the studies and course any questions that the students had about frequencies that were asked were answered with good feedback.”

Asked about how he felt about his students Nista said “I feel very happy because these students are very pro-active and very keen to learn. They were also taking notes, which they weren’t doing before. I guess they realized they didn’t have enough notes from their previous classes so this time they decided to take notes. I am very proud of them.”

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