District Stability Framework in Afghanistan

2011/06/30 • Comments

: Stability operations professionals gathered at the Counterinsurgency Training Center, Camp Julien, Kabul from 18-20 June 2001 to study the District Stability Framework. Pictured are civilians and NATO students working through the demanding ‘Design’ phase, where they are challenged to idnetify and target route causes of instability in Afghanistan.

By 1LT Jarvas Polk, USA

The three-day District Stability Framework course concluded on 20 Jun 2011 at the Counterinsurgency Training Center, Camp Julien, Kabul. Military and civilian students from Sweden, the UK, the USA, Australia  and  Portugal came together to study stability programming in the lead up to Afghanistan’s transition. “ I served as a Civil-Military operations officer in Iraq and we tried to do COIN (counterinsurgency) using intuition; it didn’t work. DSF, via the SWG (Stability Working Group), is the tool we needed – and will have an immediate impact for land-owning units that use it in Afghanistan” said course and Harvard post-graduate student CPT Peter Hegseth. Course graduates will use DSF methods to partner more effectively with their GIRoA counter-parts and apply the DSF tools to target the root causes of conflict in their area of operations.

The District Stability Framework is designed to assist stability operations practitioners directly target the root causes of instability in Afghanistan, develop activities to mitigate them and evaluate the effectiveness of their activities. The course teaches application-level skills for tactical and operational level organizations involved in stability operations and counterinsurgency in Afghanistan.

The DSF is DOD and COMUSFOR-A directed, unit-level training in mission essential tasks for counterinsurgency in Afghanistan. In addition to the monthly residential courses at the CTC-A, the DSF is delivered by Mobile Training Team across Afghanistan. If you wish to attend a residential course at CTC-A or request a MTT in your location, email coincoursenominations@saw.afghan.swa.army.mil or the DSF team leader Mr. Richard Siebert at richard.siebert.aus@afghan.swa.army.mil or Richard_Siebert@asi-east.com. For more information, visit the CTC-A NIPR webpage at https://cstca.oneteam.centcom.mil/sites/coin/default.aspx

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