RSC-East ANA engineers drastically improve living conditions

2011/07/28 • Comments

Shown is the newly built living quarters for Afghan National Army soldiers from the 203rd Corps at Bande Sardeh, Afghanistan. (Army photo by Capt. Daniel Strasser)

By Master Sgt. Quinton T. Burris
Regional Support Command-East Affairs/NTM-A Public Affairs

BANDE SARDEH, Afghanistan — Afghan National Army engineers from Regional Support Command – East wrapped up a construction project in Bande Sardeh in the Ghanzi province of eastern Afghanistan that will drastically improve the living conditions of Afghan soldiers.

Helping to build a strong and sustainable force capable of securing the future of Afghanistan requires more than trucks, weapons and ammunition. There is also a need to design and build an area that provides shelter and comfort to rejuvenate soldiers after a long duty day.

“The completion of this project provides the soldiers of the ANA’s 203rd Corps with those things that are necessary for everyday living,” said Army Capt. Daniel Strasser, an RSC – East engineer who works with the ANA.

The RSC – East ANA engineers have worked diligently with contracting officer representative over the past three months to complete the build that provides 250 ANA 203rd Corps soldiers with living quarters, two showers and latrines, a headquarters, and a dining facility.

Shown is a new dining facility that will provide meals for 250 Afghan National Army Soldier from the 203rd Corps at Bande Sardeh, Afghanistan. (Army photo by Capt. Daniel Strasser)

“As a field artillery Soldier, these men are operating in some austere locations for long hours, so having the ability to return to base to a hot meal, warm shower and comfortable living quarters definitely boosts their morale,” said Strasser.

“The mission of RSC – East is to integrate and synchronize Afghan National Security Forces training, sustainment, institutional and operational development, and set the conditions for autonomous ANSF operations,” said Strasser. “Providing the basic necessities like dining facilities, showers, and living quarters is a vital element to mission success.”

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